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Breaking The Silence Around Abuse

UPLIFT! Inspiring Stories To Uplift The World

Our media company is committed to

Inspiring and uplifting the audience to break free from self-limitation and any abuse they may experience, to reclaim their own power, and to live happily ever after as fully integrated individuals.

Join us on the mission to help and inspire millions of individuals to step into the energy of success, regardless where they are at, because YOU TOO have proven that you can achieve absolutely everything you set your mind to, including breaking free from violence, abuse, trauma, and self-imposed prison.

Our ideal guest profile for Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse

Woman Business-Owner

Strong, powerful, and visionary woman

who has prevailed over some sort of abuse (all the way from self-abuse to domestic violence or worse)

who is now blazing her trail in her business successfully, committed to help others

Our ideal guest profile for UPLIFT! Inspiring Stories to Uplift the World

No narrowing down any niche

Someone with an experienced story that can inspire and uplift the audience

Someone who can tell a story of resilience, empowerment, beating the odds, showing the way where there was none

English-Speaking (that's the only requirement to make sure we can understand each other)

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On our global top 5% podcast, Real Talk Real Women Breaking The Silence Around Abuse rated by third-party Listen Notes. We take huge pride in treating our guest speakers with honor and integrity.

You review your episode BEFORE publication

We thrive when our guest speaker thrive. As we want you to be fully and completely happy with your episode, we give you the secret draft link before publication to make sure you have checked all the information, picture, typo, links, and everything else so that it reflects what you are currently promoting about yourself and your business, for congruence purpose.

We make it a priority to implement any change, modification, or update you want to see before publication (and after publication as well!)

You can connect and mingle with the other guest speakers

A private Facebook group is running to have all our beloved guest speakers mingle and connect with each other. It's always a pleasure to recognize other people who are on the same path as we are, and to help each other or to collaborate, to share helpful tips, and to do business together.

You are being featured and promoted to a large audience

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We pre-record your episode, in a no-pressure environment. If something happens during the recording that makes it impossible to publish, or if you feel that you should not have said something and that you want it removed, you will receive the opportunity to re-record your episode with our host.

It's a no-pressure, no questions asked warranty that if you're unhappy for whatever reason, we can re-record at no extra cost for you.

Only the episode you are happy about will be published.

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on Sept 29th, 2023

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a word from Special Guest Tina Dexter, founder of Nliteend LLC

Tina Dexter

founder of Nliteend, LLC

"I recently had the pleasure to connect with Gemma. She not only has a powerful story to share with others to empower women but she also has a kind lovely energy that immediately creates a safe, non-judgmental space for others to be completely vulnerable. This is such an important and vital characteristic that women of abuse truly need to be able to completely open up and fully heal from all forms of trauma. I look forward to continuing to work with Gemma in the future as she an example of what our world needs to transmute and transform negative dark energy into positive light energy within ourselves and others✨️"

Tina's episode on Real Talk Real Women can be found here:

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